Our first review of our novellas just went up on Amazon!

I read and greatly enjoyed this collection of novellas in preparation for an interview with the authors on September 24, 2015. The novellas are related but don’t have to be read sequentially, and they concern the summer adventures of teenager brother and sister, Geoffrey and Kelly, and their slightly older friend, Danny, on whom Kelly has an on-again, off again crush. These novellas, a literary format not often used anymore, also include reappearances by a host of eccentric, kind, and seedy characters that help make these tales fast moving.

The authors have done a lot of research; the stories include authentic incidents of New Jersey history, mixed nicely with legends and myths indigenous to the Garden State. And, yes this includes the cameos by coastal pirates and the always in demand Jersey Devil (what self-respecting fictional account of the Jersey Pine Barrens would not pay its respect to the JD). The novellas span a ten-year period, in which we see our young heroes mature, some more than others, into responsible adults. This book is a delight for older teens and adults and will keep its readers clamoring for what’s going to happen next! [Reviewed on Amazon]

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